Hi! I’m Cramming Daldalita! An average single,¬†independent millennial who strive to be a better a person each day.

Once in my life I became a textbook definition of a rebel. I live on my own now but go home every chance I have to our family house in the noisy part of Manila.

I run-away from a fast phased city to live in a province.

I am also a smoker (one of the things I am not proud of) but I am trying to quit.

A Sales Manager / Assistant to G.M in the industry dominated by man, I am also tattooed and employed.

A kuripot / frugal shopper who reads all the ingredients in most of the products she buys.

A loving daughter to an OFW Mom and a happy go lucky Dad.

A kunsintidor sister to a future Architect.

A loving furmom to Taylor.

I love to drive my stick shift car, I love to watch “The Big Bang Theory” and my happy places are 7/11, Watson’s , Marikina Shoe Gallery and Mercury drug stores.

Thank you for dropping by.