My Pimple Fighting Routine… (part 1)

My Pimple Fighting Routine ; My Cheap Accessible Easy to Find Items in My Pimple Fighting Routine / Drugstores Finds.

“This is my fight song
Take back my life song
Prove I’m alright song
My power’s turned on
Starting right now I’ll be strong
I’ll play my fight song
And I don’t really care if nobody else believes
‘Cause I’ve still got a lot of fight left in me”

Haha Intro music muna for this blog post. Warning lang mahaba-haba eto . Pero the catch is most of these products you can buy at the mall, groceries and normal drugstores without breaking the bank so mejo worth-it basahin!

Ready Start!

I decided to blog about this kasi a lot of my friends keep on asking me ano daw ba ginagamit ko sa mukha ko at kuminis. Even the facialist that usually do my anti-acne treatment started to ask me every visit  kung ano daw ba gamit ko ngayon, hindi na kasi aka masyado nag papa-facial at walang time, nagkikita na lang kami kapag nag papa-underarm waxing ako hehe. But I’ll try to have a diamond peel treatment from them, sale kasi sa Mall today and the past 2 days so pati ang Dermcare nag-sale for their services na pwede mo gamitin in your own time convenience, Galing diba? Okay, going back so ayun kinuwento ko sa kanila yung mga ginagamit ko tapos my sister and childhood friend went to Watson’s immediately para bumili ng mga products. Hinanap ko pa talaga sa google isa-isa at nag effort i-save sa mga phone nila para tama yung bibilhin nila hehe #feelingInfluencer. Medyo maganda naman yung effect ng sa sis ko, kaka-start nya pa lang kasi eh. Update ko kayo next time. Yung sa childhood friend ko I still have to check. Yung sa office mate ko naman, nakuwento ko lang sa kanya then she told me she bought some of it tapos ang sarap daw sa feeling parang ang linis linis ng mukha nya hehe. Sige let’s start the discussion / tsismisan.

Isa ako sa mga di pinalad magkaroon ng makinis, poreless, blemish free face. It all started when I was on 6th grade, during that time nauso yung mga powder na may color  like the Ponds one where it has 3 varieties, yung brown it acts as a foundation, tapos may color blue that serves as powder lang then may color pink na supposed to be eh blush on kaso I used it as a powder so imagine I am walking thru out the school pink yung buong mukha ko haha. Kaso hindi ata sya hiyang sakin I started to have small bumps in my forehead tapos syempre my Mom was not here she was working abroad since I was in 2nd grade kaya nung nakita ng Papa ko sabi nya safeguard lang daw katapat nun haha. So ayun I went to hi-school with pimples na mejo madami, I always hear my classmates comments like  “maganda sana sya may pimples lang” and once teased as tigidigyawat. I felt inferior during those times nawala konti yung self confidence ko, ewan ko ba kung bakit ako lang tinamaan ng puberty during that time sa klase namin. Good thing when I was on 3rd year nag-subside na sya ng slight, pero I still have 1 or 2 spots in my face lumilipat lang sila ng pwesto but  you can still see their presence. After hi-school nawala sya but the little bumps in my forehead stays forever. Hindi sya halata sa malayuan pero pag malapitan kita sya.  Nakakawala din ng confidence mag no-makeup look haha.

Fast forward nung nagtatrabaho ako, nagkaroon ako ng pimple break-outs maybe because of unhealthy food, smoking, stress and puyat. Mejo nahihiya ako kasi I am incharged in customer communication and sometimes I go thru meeting and they send me in Exhibitions kaya dapat I should look good. Below you can see some of my photos



Yes, kasama ko si Ms. A in most of my photos. Di ako mahilig mag selfie magisa eh. As you can see in the first photo mejo magaspang yung mukha ko, forever kasi kami ng little bumps sa noo ko na sometimes I think na rashes sya or fungal infection o allergies pero maliliit na pimples lang talaga sila haha. Second and third photo you could see  na gumamit na ko ng filter may pimples pa din haiist, at may mga pimple marks pa.These are the reasons why I take matter on my own hands. I went to Dermcare for acne treatment, it hurts sobra kasi they are going to pop out every blackheads, whiteheads, pimples and zits in your face. I think it helps din kasi you will have a clean face after pero yung after care ang mejo mahirap since may tendency na mainfect sya eh. I tried their after care regimen which consists of soap, antibiotic for your face and toner. I only like the SNS soap but the rest is so-so, nakukulangan ako plus drying sya sobra. The facial  treatment and soap is okay, but I still have to find products that can help.

So dito na pumasok yung try and error, if you are going to look for a product na hiyang sayo, maghanap ka ng common denominator sa mag na-test mo na product na hindi okay, yung mga product that gives you itch, break out and redness tapos yung same ingredients sa kanila yun ang dapat iniiwasan mo. In my case upon research I discover that mineral oil is bad for me so I am always try to look for products na water based or walang mineral oil. I also dont use hardcore whitening products on my face, nagiging itchy kasi sya eh.

These are the items I am currently using;

PureDerm Argan Oil makeup remover– (PHP 198 in Watsons) First, after long day of wearing make-ups and powder you should remove it before washing your face. Otherwise mag smudge lang sya sa mukha mo. Also it will give time for your face to breathe. Pagkauwi ko pa lang at pagkapalit ng pambahay I reached out for this para tanggalin ang make-up then after ilang hours pa bago ako maligo. Double Cleansing ata tawag dito,


Garnier Pure Active Anti Acne White Foam– (PHP 159 in Watsons) Eto ang break through discovery ko, ang lakas makadry ng pimples. Never ko syang pinalitan simula  I started using it a few months ago. Di sya mahapdi sa face. At di sya makati. I use it every morning and evening, with by barehands and water. I dont use loofah in my face kasi I read it somewhere na you should only use your hands for your face. Hindi abrasive kasi sensitive ang mukha natin. Malilinis sya promise specially if you do double cleansing like me. No need na for loofah.

Garnier Pure Active Anti Acne White Scrub– (PHP 89 in Watsons) I use it every scrub night. Usually twice a week. I use my ring and pinky finger pag gamit ko to, para di masyado madiin tama lang yung pressure. It really helps in drying your pimples. Kaso after mo gamitin parang na-stretch yung face mo kasi drying din sya.

SNS Anti-Fungal Soap- (SNS PHP 80) I use this 2 times everyday. After my bath I still wash my face with this. Kasi diba after you rinse up  your hair conditioner will still run in your face. I use this as a finishing touch in my bath rituals.
Image may contain: indoor

Eskinol Classic White Toner + dalacin-c – ( I already forgot the price pero a set will not cost you more than PHP150) This one I’ll need to put a disclaimer, I read an informative post on FB from a Pharmacist, that it is harmful to use the dalacin-c without a prescription. Kahit na you’re not going to take it orally and just put it in your toner, bad pa din daw sya it can cause AntiBiotic resistance and worst, colon problems on the long run. That is why Watson’s are not selling them without prescription / reseta. Sa Mercury Drugs naman they’ll sell you the smallest dosage, that is what I’m buying, pero as I read it bawal pa din yun. I am not aware of this when I started using the anti-bacterial medicine. I put the powder from the capsule inside the bottle of Eskinol and mixed it up by shaking. Nung marami pa kong pimples I used it everynight and it’s effective naman kasi nga it will prevent infections. And then nung nawala na yung mga pimples ko I only use it pag may lumitaw paisa-isa or as spot treatment meaning I put it in the cotton pads and  damp it on the problem areas or where the zit appeared. It works for me everytime I do that, Pag-gising ko the next morning dry na yung pimples and wala na yung redness. Again, you can use it on your own risk. And not because it works for me it will also do the same for you. You have to check if you have allergy for this certain anti-bacterial medicine. Or maybe it will be better if  you skip the dalacin-c and use the toner only.20170714_205247

Eto naman ang no make-up face ko ngayon. By the way no filter and no hilamos din yan. The bottom 2 is taken inside the house that is why mejo iba yung lightning the upper 2 naman sa terrace at may natural light. Di na sya tulad ng sati diba? Tyagaan lang talaga, On the other news,don’t mind my eyebags ha, puyat aka lagi eh, #PinaghirapanKoYan ahaha!


This one below naman is with make-up and filter, makaka-peke na ba haha? Unlike before di na kita yung ilong mo sa filter tapos yung mga pimples mo bonga pa rin hehe.

So yan na nga yung mga sabon and facial washes I use in my face. Aside from the Argan Oil make-up remover, these items dry up the pimples so fast and will make your face squeaky clean that even part of your face will dry up too so kelangan mo ng moisturizer na kayang i-reverse yung dryness with out making your face very oily para bumalik is pimples.  I’ll post the moisturizer in Part 2.

Kayo ano secret nyo, share nyo naman sakin hehe.



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