Work Perks…. (plus people in our office)

Last February me and my office mates went to Canyon Cove in Nasugbu Batangas for our summer outing. It’s our company’s second time there, the first one is two yrs. ago when we are just starting, before we only have an overnight stay but this year my Boss is being generous and we stayed there for 3 days and 2 nights, all expense paid and free food!! YEHEY!! But I admit he is more generous last year, when he treat us in one of the best resort in  Panglao Bohol the Henan, free stay for 3 days and 2 nights, in my case they added 1 day because I was hospitalized for food poisoning (and takaw ko kasi eh) plus he also got us free pick up from the office to the airport back and forth and a round trip ticket, Grabe yung amo ko noh? below you will find pictures we take in Batangas13082487_622656577887279_278676421709703922_n.jpgThis picture was taken last 2015, I’m with my Officemate Ms. A, she is really nice and we are working together for 3 years, thru all the stress, pressure and heart aches. There are many times when I cry in front of her she ended up crying too!18950937_1481745775181285_2547480629486040884_n.jpgThis one is from our latest trip, there you could see the AP Manila Team, (clockwise) Glenn is our Service technician he is mainly incharged with our servers and office maintenance, Eric is also our Service technician he is in charge for the tooling department (that is what call the die and moulds we put in the Extruder to give shape for the profiles we used in our windows), Ms. A is our Office Admin and partly HR, sometimes she helped me in some of job too; Airon is our Service Technician that is in charge with some of our machines he is really a funny guy; then there is Me, I am in charge with sales in Asia, Europe and US market, I also look for suppliers and most of the time coordinate with our customer request; then our Engineer Sir RMP, he is like a consultant / Manager, he is a nice guy and very down to earth; next is the person we all love Mang Erning but our foreigner Boss call him Ernie, much easier for him to say and more posh hahaha, Mang Ernie is our office caretaker, he attends in almost all of our request, food for lunch, cigarettes, beer and sometimes I askedhim to pay my electric bill, he is really nice.Screen Shot 2017-06-25 at 9.29.13 PM.png 17799286_800323543453914_6087657307497338491_n.jpg

This is the one we called secret island, we went to the nearby small boat port and ask the fisher man to take us to a nice Island, first they brought us to the island called Layag-Layag, it is nice but crowded it’s like a public beach and we told the fisher man that we came from the Canyon Cove, and we want something isolated. 2 hrs floating in the sea and we found this gem, it doesnt have a name yet and it is actually near to Canyon Cove it just took us 2 hrs because we keep on going farther without realizing there is something great near our area. There is only few locals  and they cook the 2 big Tuna fishes we bought earlier for us, and rice. We have boodle fight and my Austrian Boss was really amazed on the boat and on the food. We paid PHp2,500 to the fisher man and PHP 2,000 for the cottage and food cooking, some beer and softdrinks . They also provided utensils to us. Next time you will be going to Nasugbu you could try that place promise, It is worth it. You could also do camping theres, just bring your own tent.17757555_797963273689941_79009996293531945_n.jpg17814028_1200948173336169_1198351284_n.jpg17796032_796729237146678_4425938464298438093_n.jpg

In regards of the Hotel it is okay, a little bit expensive I think, and there is not much food choices. What we did is we eat outside and we drove 15 mins. going to the city and we ate in Lady Christine’s Baby Back Ribs, sorry I don’t have a picture. The platter with beef bbq, roasted pork, chicken and my favorite the the sausage was really great. Next we drink coffee from the Dunkin Donuts across the street.

The hotel room is nice, I would say average but I like the view from the terrace, And every time I woke up, I’ll go to the terrace and drink my coffee, Isn’t it relaxing. The room really looks like the picture below, and I love sleeping in the bed near the window, I am small so I can fit there.


The road going into Nasugbu is also nice, One of the things in my unofficial bucket list is to take a picture at the middle of the Bitukang Manok (Chicken intestines) Road. It is called like that because of the spiral and tricky road next to a cliff., You will also passed Keybiang Tunnel going there and Marine Conservatory / base that you can visit during daytime called Cavite de Boracay.17629677_796125700540365_4490538361856078829_n.jpg

Now you know people in our office and our summer getaway, I hope I have lots of time to post my travel here for business and of course for leisure.

Thank you for reading!



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