I Am 32% Done….

Hi, Sorry for my almost 3 months hiatus. Alam ko meron naman sigurong iilan-ilan na nagaabang ng future post ko haha. There is a lot of things going in my work/job, my Boss has been here in the PH for almost 2 months and it’s hard to have a break. My Mom also went home from her work in Malaysia and my sister graduated from college. There is some family dinner, family vacation, and also the little time (2 weeks to be exact) my Mom were here, I have to accompany her and make sure she is enjoying her short break. So I have a lot in my plate the past 3 months. Plus those long weekend holiday I decided to go home in Manila and enjoy the weekend with my Papa, he doesn’t getting any younger and I have to spend some more time with them. I know that I have so many things to do that I often forgot our parents are getting old too. Sana meron talagang pause and replay button in real life noh, or kahit slowmo lang just to make you cherish and enjoy all the little things and important people in your life.

Now about the tittle of my blog post I Am 32% Done…. I watched some one minute video of Nas Daily yesterday. I first saw the video he made to promote our beautiful country the Philippines!! I got interested that I ended up watching 10 more. He always wear a t-shirt saying his age, but not his actual age but the percentage he already lived- the same as below.
Screen-Shot-2017-03-13-at-5.01.47-PMAs you could see it says here he already lived 32 % of his life. He made this theory by looking what is the average life expectancy of the men in their place. In his case US it is 76 years old and he is 25 years old now, thus putting 32 % there. Upon realization I think it makes sense. If somebody ask your age most of us answer it with our actual age, it’s either people will reply oh you don’t look like it or in my case every time Im in an exhibit people will say I’m too young to be here, then that’s it – end of the conversation. While if you say the percentage age, it will be a good conversation starter make people wonder and ask. You will also sounds like an interesting person, right?

In my case I am also 32% done same like him, I am 22 years old and the average life expectancy of the Filipinas are 68.27 as per 2014 statistics (gosh, Pinays should eat more healthy and exercise and be happy to make that number up). I won’t bore you with the Math detail because I just look it up in Google hahaha. So the next time somebody will ask me in a friendly manner, how old I am I will say “I am 32% done”. I will really do that haha.

It makes me think what I have done in the first 32% like, did I just waste 32% of my life worrying about everything and not actually living the life I wanted? Or how can I make the remaining time to live the possible best life I want to have. And make people around me happy and feel loved.

I know some people will say it’s morbid, it’s like counting the remaining days of your life and it’s like you made a ticking bomb timer, but it’s not. It will be a reminder that the next time you are about to do something you don’t want, you will think should I waste my precious moment  doing that?

But there is a catch here. You have to make sure you will live up to 100%, means you have to be careful and to fight and not loose hope. It will also be nice if you exceed that life expectation, who doesn’t want to have a 110% or 150% of life or of something this beautiful? That is also why I updated my blog today, to make something I like and I love, I love to talk and share my stories, hence the name Cramming Daldalita, right?

Okay, Times up. Sorry for wasting some of your time reading my random ramblings, I hope you also see the meaning of that battery looking graphics in Nas shirt that I would like to buy.

And as Nas said, “See you tomorrow”!!

PS. if you would like to have the shirt, please check out this link Nas Shirt… Cheers!!



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